Rod Dreher recently suggested someone oughta give Bible Girl a book deal. Well, Rod, you have an agent, don't ya?

Extra Crunchy

Rod Dreher is editor of The Dallas Morning News' Points section as well as author of a recent book called Crunchy Cons, which makes the case for a new kind of conservative who cares about the environment, community and all that good stuff. (I'd tell you more, but I just started reading it last night.) He also has an exceptional blog on religion and politics at Beliefnet.

Well, yesterday he chronicled at great length (for a blog, anyway, and we should know) his agonizing decision to leave the Roman Catholic Church and become a communicant in a Russian Orthodox church in Dallas. Today he followed up with a few clarifications.

Seems his decision has a lot to do with accidentally stepping right into the middle of some of the Catholic Church's sex scandals, as well as encountering increasing difficulty finding a parish that offered its people anything resembling orthodox Catholic teaching. I'm not touting his post to bring out the Catholic-bashing faction among evangelicals--so please lay off it, will ya?--but because I admire and in some ways relate to his heart-wrenching search for a church that's determined to get an uncompromising grip on Christian truth. Read it. --Julie Lyons


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