F Off, Finley

In case you haven't heard the ridiculous news yet, the Mavs have taken a serious blow to their lineup for tomorrow night's playoff game against the Spurs. Starting guard Jason Terry has received a one-game suspension for "punching San Antonio's Michael Finley" during last night's game. Really? Watch this (Windows format...sorry, Mavs/Mac fans). You'll see Terry fall to the ground to grab a jump ball, then Finley land with his weight squarely on Terry's head; look carefully and you'll see Terry's reaction to this, pushing his arm upward. Is it a punch? You be the judge., screw it, I'll be the judge: NOT A PUNCH. It's a non-flagrant shove (though perilously close to a flagrant spot on the body). Either way, he's pushing his arm out to get out of the melee, and it's as nice a reaction as you can expect from someone whose head has just been landed upon. San Antonio sent the video to the NBA to review, proving that they're utter scum who aren't happy enough to win last night's game in the final seconds. Finley, prepare to be booed to the utter depths of hell at the AAC tomorrow night. Turncoat asshole. -Sam Machkovech

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