Fair Park Railroad Museum to Take Baby Step Tomorrow Toward Moving Up to Frisco

Speaking of lawsuits involving the city ...

It's been two months since we learned of a likely resolution in the city's case against the Museum of the American Railroad at Fair Park, which the City Attorney's Office sued to remove in January 2010 so it could reclaim the land for State Fair of Texas use. But since the council's yet to vote on the settlement agreement with the old Age of Steam museum, which we were told contains a moving date, we're still not sure exactly when the trains will make the trek up to Frisco, where ground's been broken on a new site.

But: I see that tomorrow, the Landmark Commission's Fair Park Task Force has a single item on its agenda that very much relates to this particular subject. As in: "Museum of the American Railroad - Removal of Railroad Museum collection." Alas, the task force won't discuss dates either. Turns out, though, that the museum can't remove the trains and buildings till Landmark OK's it. Why? Because the museum's in the Fair Park Historic District, and even though the museum's considered "non-contributing" it still needs a pass.

So, first stop task force, followed on October 3 by a pass through the entire commission. Which should be the very definition of a formality ...

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