Faithfully Journey, Which is Close Enough

I'm sorry I couldn't make it out to Firewater Grill on Friday night, because I missed seeing Journey and U2 -- by which I mean, of course, Dallas-based Escape: The Journey Tribute and Vertigo USA, the you-too band from Illinois. (Who headlines there? And how do you even decide? And doesn't that sound like a command? You know, like: "Hurry, escape the Journey tribute! Before they play 'Open Arms'!")

But, hey, these are heady days for Escape, which has a new lead singer, Terry "Perry" Murphy -- who's a kinda-close approximation to the real thing, very much like the guy actually singing for Journey these days. I am now thinking of booking these guys for a birthday party -- ironically, of course, far as you know. Til then, here's some video from Friday night, because you probably couldn't attend either. --Robert Wilonsky

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