FANning the Flame

I know. I know. Any station that will have me on - even sparingly, and tucked away on the weekends - has lots of room from improvement, right?

Well, 105.3 The Fan just got better.

In the coming weeks expect the announcement that The Fan is the new flagship radio home of the Dallas Cowboys.

As for today, it's the new home of Channel 5 sports anchor Newy Scruggs and former ESPN analyst Sean Salisbury. The two will pair for a midday show beginning sooner rather than later.

The duo brings some credibility, a bit of panache, and goes a ways toward fulfilling management's promise that the station's original lineup wasn't/isn't a finished product.

Like any station in its infancy, The Fan briefly stumbled out of the gate. It's since learned to crawl. Just seven weeks old today, it's clearly No. 3 behind The Ticket - which this week provides what is historically its best programming of the year from the Super Bowl - and ESPN Radio, recently buoyed by the buzz surrounding Michael Irvin's new reality TV show.

But before we know it, The Fan just might be walking.

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