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Morgan Lyons, spokesman for Dallas Area Rapid Transit, sends word this morning likely to be hailed as good news for riders of the Trinity Railway Express: Starting December 6, the fare zone boundary is moving two miles west -- from the West Irving Station in Dallas County to the CentrePort/DFW Airport Station in Tarrant County. Fares aren't changing, says the release from DART and Fort Worth Transit Authority, but "the change in the mid-point boundary potentially enables more riders to purchase less expensive tickets because more rider destinations will be within one fare zone."

The release explains the change thusly:

For example, Tarrant County riders taking TRE to the American Airlines Center from CentrePort/DFW Airport Station will be able to ride for a one-zone fare instead of the current two-zone fare. Likewise, TRE riders traveling from Dallas-area TRE Stations, who previously paid a two-zone fare to go to CentrePort to get to DFW Airport, will only have to purchase a one-zone fare.

More details on the other side. And it don't cost ya nuthin' to take the ride.

The fare-zone boundary change allows all riders going to or from CentrePort from either east or west to purchase a one-zone day pass for $7 instead of paying $10 for the two-zone full corridor. The one-way fare for one-zone is $3.50 compared to $5 for two zones.

A TRE rider on the west side of the fare boundary will pay just the one-zone fare to travel to and from CentrePort. A rider on the east side of CentrePort also will need only a one-zone fare to ride TRE to and from CentrePort. ...

For customers who want to access both east and west sides of the TRE corridor, the Regional or two-zone fare, will remain the best buy. The Regional Fare also includes access to DART bus and light rail and The T's bus system.

The current county line boundary at the West Irving Station was originally established to reflect DART's operation within Dallas County and The T's service in Tarrant County.

However, CentrePort Station has become by far the largest mid-way station for boardings on the TRE corridor, with the largest parking capacity, and is a primary destination for connections to DFW Airport and its surrounding employment centers.

The boundary change to CentrePort better matches today's commuter patterns and is more equitable due to the station's high ridership - the highest except for TRE boardings in downtown Dallas and in downtown Fort Worth.

The zone boundary change will provide all passengers traveling to the CentrePort/DFW station with more flexibility in their fare purchases.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.