Farmers Branch, Where Even the Legals Don't Feel So Welcome

Farmers Branch touts itself as a homey community of parkland and wide, landscaped medians -- you know, a "charming" paradise. Only, as you no doubt well know, the suburb has seen some pretty charmless chapters over the past year or so. And as this Saturday's municipal election approaches -- including the caged death match between anti-illegal immigrant Tim O'Hare versus the kinder, gentler, balder Gene Bledsoe! -- the atmosphere is becoming downright nasty.

Today, there was this story about the mayoral candidates' mudslinging over campaign contributions. And, earlier this week, KERA-FM (90.1) ran this piece in which FB resident Maria Reyes says she's "afraid of the climate in her town." Notes the story: "A long-time American citizen born in Mexico, she says O'Hare supporters have called her illegal because of her skin color and insisted she be deported." Charming. --Megan Feldman

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