Federal Judge Tells Local Creationists They Didn't Make Their Case For Master's Degree

Seems we weren't the only ones following the case of the Institute for Creation Research v. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; so too was The Chronicle of Higher Education, which alerts our attention to a ruling by U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks handed down Friday that has closed the case. The federal judge took 39 pages to recap the litigation -- which began in '07, more or less, when the Royal Lane-based school first sought to offer a master's degree in science from "a Biblical scientific creationist viewpoint" -- and, ultimately, dismiss the suit filed by the school in April 2009, in which ICR claimed, among other things, that the state's refusal was religious discrimination and a violation of its First Amendment rights.

Wrote Sparks: "The Court finds ICRGS has not put forth evidence sufficient to raise a genuine issue of material fact with respect to any claim it brings." Thus ends, for now, three years of ICR's efforts to get that degree -- though, surely, this isn't the end of this case's evolution in the courts. The entire ruling follows.

Judge Sam Sparks Ruling in ICR v. Texas Higher Ed Coordinating Board

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