Feds' Bandido Biker Gang Sweep Includes Papa John's Hookup at Dallas's Enchanted Hills

So your friendly neighborhood feds had a big day yesterday. In an "early-morning takedown" announced late Tuesday, they rounded up 28 people they say are affiliated with a variety of motorcycle gangs, namely the Texas-born Bandido Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (aka the BOMG or the Bandidos Motorcycle Club) and its affiliates, the Los Homeboys OMG and the Rebel Riders OMG.

The guys -- "Papa John," "Mexican Joe," "Koke," "Bandido Skinny," and a bunch of boringly named fellows -- mostly live in Fort Worth, where they allegedly distributed large amounts of black-tar heroin, meth and coke, and kept plenty of firepower on hand to protect their assets. According to the criminal complaint you'll find below, the feds were able to infiltrate their operation by opening a motorcycle repair shop.

While most of the action took place in Fort Worth, the feds did find themselves making the occasional trek to Dallas, where our local PD pitched in with surveillance.

That's because the group's apparent heroin kingpin, 61-year-old John Pena Medellin, aka "Papa John," aka "Uncle John," obtained some amount of the heroin he distributed at an apartment complex in Dallas.

That's right: As I'm sure you're pleased to know, when Fort Worth biker gangs need enough heroin to sell to their local degenerates, they go, according to the feds, to the Enchanted Hills apartments at 7963 Villa Cliff, just east of downtown and a needle's throw from the Lake Hill Prep's Roger L. Perry Campus, where kids from the East Dallas private school go to play sports and learn about the environment.

Maybe they should mix in some chemistry classes?

So Papa John Went to the Enchanted Hills ...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.