Feds Indict Strip Club Owner Who Allegedly Tried to Put Hit on Arlington Mayor

Back in April, Ryan Walker Grant had agreed to close Flashdancer, his Arlington strip club, for a year to settle a lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General. Walker could apparently live with that but, when Arlington officials began taking steps to put him out of business for good by revoking his sexually oriented business license, he had to do something.

What he decided to do, according to an affidavit filed in federal court three months ago, was attempt to hire hit men to murder Mayor Robert Cluck and a city councilman.

"I really need somebody to take a vacation up here to do a job from down south man," Grant was recorded as saying in a cell phone conversation. "They just jacked me for a year of business and they're trying to jack me indefinitely, when we had a deal, and they just reneged on it," he later told the same person, saying the closure of Flashdancer would cost him $800,000 per year.

According to the affidavit, he offered to pay $10,000 per person for some "wetbacks" to do the hit. "I can't just call up my dude and say go hit them," he was recorded as saying. "This is too high profile."

The information made it to a federal grand jury, which today indicted Grant on one count of murder for hire, one count of unlawful transfer of a firearm. He's been in jail since April 9.

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Eric Nicholson
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