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Finger Fight

New York Giants safety and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens are, like, what? Twelve-year-olds? Millionaire middle-schoolers? Because in case you haven't been following this "story," seems the two men are fighting over a finger -- as in, did T.O. shoot Wilson the bird during Sunday night's game at Texas Stadium.

Word of the brou-so-what broke yesterday on ProFootbballTalk.com, which is kind of The Drudge Report of the NFL. Today it makes it to Newsday, which reports:

Safety Gibril Wilson confirmed Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens made an obscene gesture to Wilson on the second of Owens' touchdown catches, prompting Wilson to shove Owens out of the back of the end zone. "I guess we're not really fond of each other," Wilson said. "Ever since last year, I guess. But it's over with. [The personal foul] was a real stupid play by me and I know better."

Only, Clarence Hill in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes today that T.O. denies the whole thing:

Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens denied a report on ProFootballtalk.com which said the late hit given by Giants defensive back Gibril Wilson in the fourth quarter was prompted by a vulgar hand gesture.

Owens said he extended his index finger, signaling No. 1 as he ran into the end zone for a 47 yard touchdown -- nothing else.

Woodward, meet Bernstein. --Robert Wilonsky

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