First!: Apple Camper Justin Wagoner's Been Waiting All Week for An iPad2 -- And For The Missing Line to Form Behind Him

This here is Justin Wagoner. Maybe you've read his name this week in The News. Maybe you the name mentioned in HuffPo: "Justin Wagoner Reportedly Forms First iPad 2 Line In Texas." Or on FrontBurner, "Apple-loving Justin Wagoner." Justin Wagoner. Justin Wagoner. Justin Wagoner.

Wagoner's been camped outside Apple's temporary Uptown store ('round the corner from the Knox Avenue store that's being remodeled) since Sunday, just so he can be the first to buy the iPad 2.

This not being Wagoner's first rodeo, he's been enjoying all the attention, he says, but it's no big surprise. Yesterday, over Twitter, he looked to be setting up an interview with CNN. By his own count, his first-in-line bit's won him mentions in 800,000 news stories and blogs. "There's only so many people who can make that publicity so many times," he says -- even if it's all the same story, the same question -- why? -- with a different Apple product.

"The attention's cool and all that," he says, but, mostly, he says, it was spring break and this is just what he does. Weeks where reporters are looking for another easy story about the hype, he's the willing face of the quirky brand groupie. Then he goes back to his real life (which he won't talk about with reporters.)

This year he even extended the iJustin brand with a simple site about himself, to document his queue-camping and post his product reviews.

As Andrea mentioned last summer, during his sweltering wait for a new phone, he's drawn all manner of ridicule along the way, for media whoring and worse. He just protected his Twitter account yesterday because, he says, someone else found a way to tweet from it. The greater mystery than why he's out here might be why anyone cares so much about cutting down a guy who's spent the week living on the sidewalk.

Anyway, things figure to get a little less lonely outside the store in the next day or so -- Wagoner should be getting his new iPad around 5 p.m. tomorrow -- but as of this morning, he was still the only one in line. He didn't buy the first iPad last year, but he saw the lines, and they were longer than they'd been for the iPhones.

Wagoner figured he'd better plan for a crowd again this time, he says. "I was expecting there'd probably be more people in line."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.