The chikungunya virus has popped up in Williamson County.
The chikungunya virus has popped up in Williamson County.

First Case of Chikungunya Mosquito Virus Confirmed in Texas

By now, you must have heard about the new virus -- the one that gets passed by mosquitoes that bite during the day -- that could potentially come to Texas. Well, there's nothing potential about it anymore.

The first Texas case has been confirmed by the Department of State Health Services. A resident of Williamson County, 160 miles south of Dallas, was infected while vacationing in the Caribbean, which has been dealing with the virus since 2013.

The virus has not spread locally in the United States, but now that is a possibility because the virus and the mosquitoes that pass it are on our soil. Unlike West Nile virus, chikungunya ("chicken-goon-ya") can only be passed from one human to another, via mosquito bite.

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Given mosquitoes' limited flying range, it's unlikely any Texas bugs that snacked on the Williamson County victim will make the trek up Interstate 35 to infect anyone here, and the disease is rarely fatal.


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