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First D.C., Then Jerusalem, Now Cowboys Stadium as Glenn Beck Starts "Restoring Love"

First, he restored honor; then, he restored courage. Now -- well, next summer, actually -- Glenn Beck sets about "Restoring Love," the moniker he's bestowed upon his next rally announced on his now-locally based webcast yesterday. Long story short: It's a community-service thing scheduled to be capped with "speakers, music and a fireworks display."

Registration's already open for the three-day event, which kicks off July 26 with a meet-and-greet for those coming to town and wraps two days later with an "an evening of inspiration" at Cowboys Stadium. In between: "July 27th will be a day of service across the Dallas/Ft. Worth area." From The Official Announcement:

Glenn is calling the event "Restoring Love," and it will see thousands of people across the country come to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area over three days to unite and perform acts of service across the area. Mercury One will administrate the event, but the non-profit will not be organizing specific service projects. Instead, Mercury One and Glenn Beck will be reaching out to individual organizations, churches, and more across the area and ask them the question: "If you had unlimited manpower for one day -- what would you do?"

"I have said enough words. It's time for me to help hold up the arms of community and faith leaders and serve those who are doing the heavy lifting on healing our nation," Glenn said.

Beck talks about it, at length, on the other side. Hard to argue with a man who says: "I invite you to take your vacation with your family and your children to Dallas, Texas, next summer."


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