Five Starving Dogs Were Found Eating Their Own Feces in a Pleasant Grove Garage

Just before noon yesterday, police responded to an animal cruelty call in Pleasant Grove. The 911 caller reported that five dogs were being kept in cramped cages in the garage of the house at 10741 Kendall Square.

It was worse than that. To reach the dogs, officers had to wade through ankle-deep feces that blanketed the floor. The dogs were all malnourished, reduced to eating their own excrement. Three were stuffed inside a cage so small that their legs were atrophied and deformed.

Animal control officers came to seize the dogs, which was fine with the man who lives at the house. He told them that they had been left there by their owner eight months before and that he just hadn't felt like taking care of them. So he didn't.

No arrests were made, though a police report lists -- but doesn't name -- both the dogs' owner and the man living in the house as suspects. Investigation of animal cruelty is typically left up to animal control. Updates as they come.

On a less depressing note, CBS 11 has the story of a Dallas woman who was reunited with her chihuahua seven years after it escaped during a winter storm thanks to a microchip and the Dallas animal shelter.

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