Five Years Later, the Feds Finally Sue Irving-Based Republican Victory Committee

The Irving-based Republican Victory Committee sure sounds like something associated with the Republican National Committee -- which is why, in June 2004, the RNC filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. Because, see, the official arm of the Republican Party has absolutely nothing to do with the Republican Victory Committee, headed by Irving's Jody Novacek. In fact, the RNC said in '04 that the RVC was nothing but a telemarketing scam run from an Irving home and an Indian call center that dropped the GOP's good name in order to get folks to part with at least $75,000 of their hard-earned. As in, callers were told, "I'm grateful you are fully supportive of President Bush and our Republican Party ... Please join me to ensure our party is ready to stand up to the liberal pundits." Said Novacek in '04, "We are Republican-leaning, and the funds will be used for voter mobilization at the state and local level."

Well, the FEC didn't buy it then and came to the conclusion that Novacek and the RVC "had knowingly and willfully" violated the Federal Election Campaign Act through "fraudulent misrepresentation." But after years of trying to strike a deal with Novacek (through "conference, conciliation and persuasion"), the feds have had enough: On Monday, it filed this complaint in Dallas federal court against Novacek, the RVC (which she operated all by her lonesome out of her Irving home) and two other companies of which she was the sole employee. The FEC's demanding some $150,000 -- and an injunction that would keep Novacek off the phone.

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