Floyd Mayweather is Both Champ and Chump. And Larry Merchant is My New Hero.


These days give me a good UFC card over a boxing match, but Saturday night was quite the intriguing spectacle inside the squared ring.

Getting his ass whipped early by Floyd Mayweather, seems Victor Ortiz resorted to a head-butt.

But then, after what looked like a kiss to Mayweather's cheek and during the machinations of an in-fight apology ...

 ... Mayweather decided to punch a defenseless and unsuspecting Ortiz with a left and then a right that "won" him the fight ... and hopefully lost him hundreds of thousands of fans.

What a chicken-shit move.

In boxing, Mayweather's actions might be legal, but at the very least they are unethical. At the very most they should taint his legacy and damage his reputation as a fighter.

And as for HBO's veteran boxing analyst Larry Merchant telling Mayweather he'd kick his ass if he was 50 years younger, I bow to your greatness, sir.

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