"Foolishness in the Extreme": Watch the Dallas ISD School Board Debate the Budget

If you care at all about the fate of the Dallas Independent School District, carve out an hour over the weekend. Then, jump to the other side of this item, where I've posted the entirety of the school board budget discussion to which I referred yesterday (down below too). Now, fair warning: It's not start-to-finish thrilling; much of it's devoted to the crunching of numbers as the board debates two versions of a budget that remains in limbo till the state does its thing.

But around the 13-minute mark is where Bernadette Nutall and Carla Ranger start to make their case for keeping librarians. At the 24-minute mark, Mike Morath, the ran-unopposed rookie replacing Jack Lowe, begins his lengthy speech, telling the school board that "we're lookin' at this situation all wrong."

He says that arguing about "saving this position or that position without really any discussion of research as to the impact those positions have on student achievement is foolishness in the extreme" -- which, as you'll see a few minutes later, doesn't sit well with Nutall, who has one daughter in the district and another in private school. She doesn't have her say, though, till Morath provides a lengthy exegesis on the history of 12th grade dating back to the Great Depression. Edutainment as its ... finest?

Budget Proposal 6.0 from Dallas Independent School Dist on Vimeo.

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