Football vs. Futbol

Richie would rather watch these guys Sunday and not Your Dallas Cowboys. At least these guys are supposed to keep their hands off the ball, eh, Terrell?

Last night I was lucky enough to rub elbows with Cowboys named Rayfield Wright and Tony Romo at a fancy-schmancy shindig up at Lombardo's, but I know where I'll be Sunday afternoon, and, surprise, it won't be sitting on my couch screaming at Terrell Owens for dropping another pass or taking another nap. I'll be at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, watching the other football.

American soccer's Super Bowl--The MLS Cup--will be played on PHP's pristine pitch at 2:30 p.m. between the Houston Dynamo and New England Revolution. When I made the commitment to attend this game (Psst, I scored some free tickets, and, trust me, my TiVo will be closely monitoring Cowboys-Cardinals), I was counting on our FC Dallas to be playing for the title. The Hoops won the West, but like hockey's Stars got upset in the first round by Colorado and have since up and fired their coach.

Houston and New England have played twice--both times to a 1-1 draw--but any time a semi-major sport decides to stage its ultimate game in our backyard, I sorta feel obligated to at least check out it. If I like it, I might even have a taste of SMU's run in the NCAA tournament starting next week. Or, more than likely, we'll all yawn through soccer and return to being intrigued by the latest Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson rumors (they're not true...yet) and irate at T.O. Let's see, Owens spends his time complaining about not getting enough passes, choreographing ridiculous end-zone celebrations that draw 15-yard penalties, sleeping in meetings, poppin' pills, wearing gloves unfastened as to look just sooo casually cool and, most of all, being selfish. Add it all up, and it's--that's five, carrying the one, add nine zeroes--yep, 25 million reasons to cut his overrated ass. Viva la futbol! --Richie Whitt

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