For One Cedar Park Grad Blogging For The NY Times, UT-Dallas Ain't a Bad Fall Back

Since March, Brett Ferdinand -- till days ago, a senior at Cedar Park High School outside of Austin -- has been among six students blogging for The New York Times about their efforts to get into college. Most of the stories aren't especially extraordinary -- most, in fact, are about the mundane nightmares that come with trying to get into your "dream school" and realizing maybe you don't have the grades or the dough.

Ferdinand's tale began with his missing a crucial deadline for the University of Texas at Austin. But it culminates today with a happy ending: "A Blur of a Senior Year, and Now Focused on Dallas." As in, he was not only accepted into University of Texas at Dallas's Business Management program, but he also got hisself a scholarship. Let's skip to the end:

I just got back from U.T. Dallas this week, and I had a blast. The school has a really nice campus and is in a great location just north of Dallas. During the orientation I got a chance to meet quite a few professors, counselors and fellow students, was able to pick out all the courses I wanted and created a pretty awesome schedule for the fall. I also got all of the information I needed to make sure I'm ready to move in and start classes in August. I feel a lot more confident about my college future now that everything is set, and although this isn't the route I pictured when I began the college process, I know I'm going to be very happy in Dallas.

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