For Those Who Don't Like Bike-Only Lanes ...

... P.M. Summer has the perfect shirt for you.

That's it at right -- "just in time for Xmas 2009," he notes on his blog today, though they are by special-order only. Summer, who was Dallas's bike coordinator, is among those who don't think Dallas needs cyclist-only lanes -- hence, perhaps, his being the former bike coordinator for the city. (But the 59-year-old is still at City Hall: Summer is now a senior transportation planner with the Department of Sustainable Development and Construction.) Summer, who's been debating the subject with Bike Friendly Oak Cliff and other pro-bike-lane advocates for nearly a year, says the shirt is not intended as a response to the ongoing and often rancorous debate about the need for such segregated lanes.

Instead, he tells Unfair Park, "It's one in a series of high-visibility educational cycling apparel items that increases cyclists' visibility while communicating a safety message. Guaranteed to burn retinas at 50 feet." Summer, in fact, had done some earlier versions of the shirt, but sold out. "And there's been requests for more of them," he syas. The new one also features on the front three quotes displayed at the top of Cycle*Dallas, among them a slightly altered one from the Texas Transportation Code: "Every person riding a bicycle shall be granted all rights and be subject to all duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle."

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Kimberly Thorpe
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