For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Joe Walsh Brings the Funk (#49) to Reunion Arena

No need to rehash my feeling about The Eagles -- if only I'd kept that fax Don Henley sent me back when I was at the Dallas Times Herald and he tried to bar me from his Starplex show. Though, on second though, I guess he was trying to do me a solid. Still, I would have missed opener Susanna Hoffs ... a delight.

But then there's Joe Walsh, who's got a solid dozen keepers -- more, once you include the Black Keys and Foo Fighters covers. Big, big fan -- if Henley's the brains of the operation, Walsh is the heart and soul and guts and muscle and fun, goddamnit. This work-week ender's a throwback to July of 1981, when the King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast from Reunion Arena -- pardon, The Reunion Arena, per the announcer -- a way too short-n-sweet Joe Walsh set that's all of nine songs long as he toured There Goes the Neighborhood. Most of the hits are here: "Funk #49," "In the City," "Life of Illusion," "Rocky Mountain Way," "All Night Long" and even a Beatles cover to end the encore. In other words, no "Life's Been Good." But how I love "Funk #49."


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