City Pointe Golf Center
Richie's done found himself a new place to take his balls.

Fore. Play.

Evidenced by my crisp little 88 at this primo track last week, I need some help. For a longer sex drive, I’ll go here. But for a longer golf drive, I’ll be here.

Honestly, I didn’t even know the City Pointe Golf Center (on Stemmons Freeway, just northwest of LBJ Freeway) existed. But apparently it has Dallas’ largest driving range -- 500 yards -- the only joint big enough to hold the invasion of golf’s biggest hitters. At the free outdoor golf show, fans can check out the latest equipment, get computer swing analysis and, of course, gawk at dudes who can smoke 400-plus off the tee. A little embarrassing for punk who hits it 275 on a good day, but, come on, maybe we’ll learn something. Or, more likely, pull something.

On Saturday the hulksters will compete in a $4,400 Texas Two-Ball competition, and on Sunday they’ll try to qualify for the 2008 Remax World Long Drive Championship. Don’t tell me you’d rather watch this? --Richie Whitt

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