Forever Young

Rub it in, dude, rub it in. In today's Chicago Tribune, columnist Phil Rogers -- a former Dallas Times Herald man, I might add -- offers up his mid-season baseball honors, and as far as he and the stats are concerned, there's no better pitcher in the National League than a former American Leaguer by the name o' Chris Young. Hmmm -- you mean, the Texas Rangers' former pitcher Chris Young, who GM Jon Daniels ditched in exchange for two busts and a so-so? Awesome. Writes Rogers:

Imagine how fans in pitching-starved Texas feel watching a hometown kid (from Highland Park High School in Dallas) blossom into a stud after being traded away. Young and teammate Jake Peavy, along with the ageless Greg Maddux and a deep bullpen, have carried a punchless San Diego team to the top of the NL West. Peavy would be a fine choice, too, as he also leads the league in strikeouts, but Young gets my vote because of his 2.00 ERA, which is just better than Peavy's 2.19.

Yeah, imagine. --Robert Wilonsky


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