Former Mayoral Candidate Jennifer Gale, Dead at 44, Had Big Plans for '09

As you've no doubt heard, Jennifer Gale -- who ran for mayor of Dallas only last year -- was found dead today in Austin, where Gale was yet again planning on running for mayor of that city. The 44-year-old was discovered early this morning outside the First English Lutheran Church on Whitis Avenue, only a couple of blocks from the University of Texas campus. Austin EMS officials attribute Gale's death to cardiac arrest -- and, possibly, the cold.

Today, former Austin Mayor Bruce Todd had some kind words for Gale, whose Web site was updated this afternoon to include the farewell, "Rest in Peace, Jennifer. Austin will miss you!" Said Todd of the former Marine behind the slogan "Keep Austin ... Austin!," "While Jennifer no longer is here to physically trumpet that slogan, her personification of that expression will never be forgotten." As this video no longer exists on YouTube, after the jump you will find one of Gale's final appearances in front of the Austin City Council, during which the transgendered ex-soldier discusses the homeless who have "died here on the streets of Austin." But Gale also had big plans for 2009, as you'll see. Incidentally, in July Gale had filed a campaign finance report with Dallas's City Secretary's Office, announcing her intention to run again for Dallas mayor in 2011. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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