Fort Worth-Based Dickies Makes Dallas ISD a Most Generous Offer

A glance at the Dallas Independent School District board of trustees' meeting agenda for this evening reveals a few items of interest. Among them: The Stonewall Jackson PTA is trying to revive its beloved Outdoor Science Lab & Garden nearly done in during the district's RIF in October. Which is why, tonight, it will ask the district to allow the PTA to donate $30,000 to keep the garden alive next semester. Problem is, the PTA's fund-raising site suggests it's falling well beneath that goal at present.

The trustees will also take up the issue of whether or not to use $550,000 in general operating funds to pay teachers for the bonuses their respective principals screwed up. But here's some good news for a district in need at this most wonderful (enh) time of the year: Dickies has offered to donate 4,700 "uniform garments," worth $56,000, to kids in need "during the winter season." Here's where you say, "Thank you, Fort Worth." --Robert Wilonsky


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