Fort Worth Is Farked Up

I'm currently assembling a package of madd props to send over to Startlgram writer Alex Branch, because his/her story about the Fort Worth deaf guy who got hit in the head with a crowbar for not talking to a cashier made the Fark news feed today under the "Dumbass" banner.

The cashier of a Lancaster Ave. Family Dollar, Ricky Benard Young, tried to make small talk with Cody Goodnight, the aforementioned deaf man and possessor of the coolest name ever. Young became angry when Goodnight did not respond. Young, who is apparently a truculent 5-year-old, then "threw Goodnight's change at him, scattering it on the floor," before hitting Goodnight in the head with a crowbar. Which Farking sucks. --Andrea Grimes


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