Fort Worth's Not Sure Its Lawns Could Take Permanent Twice-a-Week Watering

In the two years since the Dallas City Council made twice-per-week watering restrictions permanent the water situation in North Texas hasn't improved much. We're still in severe drought, lake levels are still low and long-term projections of drought and population growth still aren't pretty. A slightly less verdant lawn seems a small concession.

Not in Fort Worth, where the City Council on Tuesday tabled a proposal to implement permanent twice-weekly watering restrictions, five of the body's nine members having "suddenly gone weak in the knees," in the words of the Star-Telegram's chiding editorial.

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Wobbly kneed probably isn't the best phrase to describe Fort Worth council member Jungus Jordan who, in an interview with KERA before Tuesday's meeting, seemed willing to suck Texas dry if that's what it takes for his constituents to water their lawns as they please.

"Water is one of those requirements that government has to provide to our citizens, and in that role, we have a responsibility to make sure we're doing the right thing with our infrastructure to make that water available, and at the lowest prices possible, with the minimal impact on our citizens' lives," Jordan said.

He thinks Fort Worth should work on fixing leaking pipelines instead of telling residents when and how often they can water.

The Fort Worth City Council will revisit the proposal at its meeting next week.

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