Not the Schubert she's looking for, but he'll do in a pinch, most likely.

Found: One Love Note on a Pole

On our way to the Granada Theater holiday party last Thursday, my Man 'o The Hour and I noticed a big green sign taped to a pole on the corner of Greenville and McCommas: "SCHUBERT?" it read, with an e-mail address beneath. So, clever piano teacher marketing or something more?

A couple of e-mails later, a story of lost love and destiny emerged: Lori is looking for a guy named Michael who plays piano and has a cat named Schubert. They met on Greenville Avenue. She wrote to Unfair Park, "We did exchange a decent amount of information, but just little enough for it to be difficult to find each other without a little help from God or the Universe."

So, Michael and Schubert (or if you know Michael and Schubert, or if you're Michael and Schubert's girlfriend and you need to cut someone), e-mail me and I'll pass along Lori's contact info. Or maybe you've already got it and just needed a little push. --Andrea Grimes


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