Four Days After Murder at Sherlock's, Police Say the Guy in This Video May Be Involved

Just after midnight last Thursday morning, Donald Morrow was standing outside Sherlock's on Central Expressway when his friend was approached by a man pointing a gun and demanding money. Morrow threw a punch, or tried to. In response, the gunman fired a single round that killed Morrow, then fled on foot. Police had few details about who he might be on the morning after the murder, or when Oak Farms announced a $10,000 reward the next day.

Now they have video of someone they think might have been involved in the shooting: a man -- not a suspect at this point, just a person of interest -- caught on a camera at a DART train station. Anyone with information about the guy in the video should contact Detective Raley in the Homicide Unit at 214-671-3684.

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