Frankly, We Were Unaware Anyone Ever Stops Folks From Taking Jessica and Tony's Picture

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson and their posse are but bit players in this legal drama. But courtesy Courthouse News comes the tale of Jessica Hardwick, who yesterday filed suit against Blackfinn Restaurant and Saloon in Dallas County District Court. Her claim? That on August 23, 2008, one of the eatery-drinkery's bouncers "struck and improperly assaulted" Hardwick "on her person and on her breast" after claiming she was trying to snap photos of the twosome -- or, at least, their general "area." Short story shorter, for those who don't want to read the entire four-page lawsuit:

Hardwick says she reserved three tables at the bar for her bachelorette party. A couple of hours later, Simpson, Romo and their "dozen-strong" entourage allegedly showed up and asked if they could use one of the tables. Hardwick said sure, and the two groups proceeded to enjoy their respective parties, the suit claims.

But the plaintiff says one of the bouncers for the bar disrupted the revelry by assaulting her for taking a picture of three of her friends, even though she'd been taking photos all night.

Hardwick is claiming "emotional distress" and "disfigurement."

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