Frisco Going Forward With Prosecution of Sign-Holder

Yesterday we introduced you to Ron Martin, a man who was arrested by Frisco traffic cops for holding a sign toward passing motorists that said "Police ahead."

Officer Thomas Mrozinski (that's his police vehicle pictured above) was trying to catch drivers going over the speed limit that day. When he discovered Martin, he arrested him and charged him with an obscure ordinance covering sign regulations.

Martin had his day in court yesterday afternoon, hoping the charges would be dropped. They weren't.

Instead, the city of Frisco is pursuing its case against Martin. Starting February 21, jurors will get to decide whether or not he violated Frisco's sign ordinance. You mess with Frisco's sign aesthetics, you face the consequences. (Lead-filled landfills, however, are totally cool).

Meanwhile, Martin sent over the video footage he captured on his phone of the arrest.

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