From 40 Years Ago, The Other Dallas News

A few days ago I was offered at a rather reasonable price a small but estimable stash of local relics, dating as far back as a thick, musty scrapbook of 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition newspaper clippings that belonged to Otto Herald, its general manager. (We'll get to that, oh, next week -- and who knew they'd considered establishing a nudist colony at Fair Park? If only.) Also included was a small stack of weekly newspapers, among then Stoney Burns's Dallas Notes; the Dallas News, which followed a year later; and The Iconoclast of the late 1970s, which more or less resembled a cross between, say, Buddy and the early-days Observer.

They are, needless to say, fragile, yellowing remnants; they fall apart when you just think about opening them up. But on the other side is a complete copy of the April 14, 1971, issue of Dallas News, scanned for sharing for countless reasons -- chief among them, the invaluable spread of photos taken during the so-called Lee Park Massacre in April 1970, an event we recounted but four months ago upon the news of Stoney's passing. You will also find, on Page 2, a story headlined "Preachers Libel Lip," as in Al Lipscomb, who was then "running against the CCA which is a political machine designed to control city government and elections." (Schutze?) Dallas also had an extraordinary number of head shops in 1971.

And here, offered as a bonus, is a soundtrack for this particular item: a just-posted recording of the Jefferson Airplane at Memorial Auditorium on March 6, 1970. Groovy.

Dallas News Lee Park Issue


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