From a Civil Rights Icon, Via the BBC, the WTF of the Day

But, seriously, who'll be his running mate? Randy Galloway?

The BBC News blog Talking America today has an interview with James Meredith, the first black student ever to enroll in the University of Mississippi back in 1962. The reason for the interview is that Ole Miss is located in Oxford, Mississippi, which is supposed to be the site of tomorrow night's Obama-McCain debate, which we suppose could still take place if Sarah Palin were kind enough to loan McCain her testicles. The interview with Meredith includes this key passage:

He wouldn't reveal who he was voting for in November. Still, he was keen to put Obama's nomination in context. It was "the same as the Dallas Cowboys having a black quarterback", he said.
Yes, apparently, Barack Obama is the Quincy Carter of politics. Hence, this request to any former civil rights icons talking to the media in the future: Please, don't say anything that makes voters put the names Obama and Carter together. --Patrick Williams
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