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From a Dallas Casting Call, Denny's Serves Up a Sneak Preview of Its "Authentic" Cowboys

Remember that Denny's Super Bowl ad casting call last month? The one looking for "authentically weathered, tough, rugged" cowboys from Dallas? Right. That one. Anyway, today we get a peek at the 'pokes Denny's rustled up for its first-ever Super Bowl spot, which Denny's spokesperson Cori Rice tells Unfair Park today will run either during the third quarter of the February 1 showdown between the AFC champs and the Not Dallas Cowboys or during the postgame show.

Ironically, it's the first Denny's spot from San Francisco-based agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, to which Denny's has thrown its business after leaving Publicis Mid America, which is HQ'd on Dallas Parkway and was the chain's ad agency since 2002. "This is the first sneak peek of Goodby's work," Rice says. "Funny it worked out that way."

Update: How very, very, very sad. Cori Rice just phoned back with the astonishing news: Sure, Denny's tried to cast for cowboys in Dallas. Only, after she made some calls on Unfair Park's behalf, she discovered that its ad agency couldn't find one. So, Rice says, "In the end, everyone they cast was from Los Angeles." We should be ashamed.

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