From Bobbie Wygant's Archives, a Chat With the Late, Great Sidney Lumet (Bill Murray Too!)

Bobbie Wygant Interviews Sidney Lumet for "The Morning After" from on Vimeo.

Shortly after news broke of director Sidney Lumet's death at the age of 86 on Saturday morning, our pal Erik Clapp, the Fort Worth-based keeper of The Bobbie Wygant Archive, sent word: He had in his possession an interview Wygant did with Lumet for Channel 5 for 1986's The Morning After starring Jane Fonda and Jeff Bridges. Erik was kind enough to send it along. The Morning After, of course, was not among Lumet's best films. Those would include, but are not limited to, Network and Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico and The Verdict and 12 Angry Men. Not surprisingly, given Lumet's work with Jane decades after directing Henry, 12 Angry Men figures heavily into Bobbie's conversation with Lumet.

Erik has also posted in recent days some other nice surprises, among them Ingmar Bergman's press conference at SMU's Meadows School of the Arts in the early 1980s and a chitchat with a very out-of-it Bill Murray for The Razor's Edge. Both follow on the other side. Better than any DVD extra. And to be honest, I could watch Gene Wilder talk about anything. For hours. Especially when he and Bobbie are chatting up The Frisco Kid.

Ingmar Bergman Press Conference from on Vimeo.

Bobbie Wygant Interviews Bill Murray for "Razor's Edge" from on Vimeo.


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