From Denmark, Angela Hunt Still Wants to Talk Hotel, Ross Avenue

Just got off the phone with council member Angela Hunt, who is in her hotel room in Copenhagen, Denmark, catching up on the latest news back home. She says she’s amazed the mayor and city council have decided to move forward with the convention center hotel and ignore the pending referendum on the issue; she says she’ll have an item posted on her Web site soon regarding the whole mess.

Hunt also says she has the support of “several council members” who agree Ross Avenue should not be renamed Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Although she wouldn’t confirm how many, we can assume she has the additional three votes needed to make sure the Ross vote fails when the council hears the item November 10. Because it failed in the City Plan Commission, a three-fourths vote is required for approval.

“Ross Avenue will not be used as a political pawn in the Cesar Chavez debate,” she tells Unfair Park, echoing her statement from September 26.

So, how’s Copenhagen? Hunt says she’s freaked out by a culture literally dominated by white faces. “I’m so used to seeing brown and black people in Dallas,” she says. “When you come here, you immediately notice that something isn’t quite right, and then it hits you.” --Sam Merten

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