From Love Field, an Unhappy Father's Day

'Round 3 yesterday, one of my oldest friends called from Dallas Love Field with the breaking news: The airport was shut down, no one allowed in our out -- including my friend, who'd put his son on a Southwest flight bound for Corpus Christi mere moments before Dallas police descended and locked the doors. Turns out there'd been a bomb scare in baggage claim courtesy a bomb-sniffing pup who got a little too excited over a big bag of nothing; my friend received updates from his son stuck on the tarmac, very Die Hard 2. By 5:30, it was back to business as usual, after dozens of delays.

Our great photographer Gloria Levario was out at Love Field during the clampdown and returned with these photos -- and this note.

Hundreds of people were standing in line behind stantions while Southwest officials gave updates via bullhorn. Lots of DPD in specialized uniforms and gear. Around 5:30 they started lining up people in the lobby to resume flights.

An employee of the airport said that there had been a bomb scare and everyone was evacuated when a suspicious bag was found. Bomb squad came and took it away. Police said that there was actually no bomb in the bag. It was noticeable that there were many fathers who were traveling with children.

More photos after the jump. And, later today, the tale of one Dallas Observer photographer who went to an airport yesterday for a very special event and wound up with far more than photos.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.