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From Now On, We're Going to Call City Project Delays "Deep Breaths"

So, back to the Texas Horse Park, Inc. and its funds, or lack thereof, for just a moment before this long holiday weekend. Willis Winters, assistant director of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, tells Unfair Park he does not know the amount that THPI has raised and says it has not sent the city any financial information. In fact, he says the city has not discussed any of the four options outlined in the contract between the city and THPI because of the confidence the city has in the leadership of THPI and its ability to come up with the funding.

"I don't think there is anyone at the city right now who's contemplating having to go to another alternative that was described in the development agreement," Winters says. "We haven't had any internal discussions about anything other than continuing forward with [THPI]."

Winters adds that the next step is for the Park Department to meet with THPI in September to discuss its "innovative business plan" including alternatives to "pure private fund-raising." Then THPI will meet with council member Dave Neumann for input before the council's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee is briefed.

Winters says there is no way of knowing how this will delay the project, but "At this point, it's going to be difficult to have a competed facility by spring 2010."

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