From the White House to Your House, Texas Pols' Christmas Tree Balls

A Friend of Unfair Park, who's clearly in the holiday spirit, suggested we head back over to the White House's "A Red, White and Blue Christmas 2008" page, if only to check out local (and regional) pols' choice of ornaments hanging from the White House Christmas Tree. And, sure enough, there were a few to be had -- including the one you see at right, courtesy Kay Bailey Hutchison and James Avery, who got a lot of my hard-earned whenever I was desperate for a girlfriend's gift in high school. A few others after the jump, with a few questions as well.

I get at least part of the "Texas Tradition" showcased on John Cornyn's ball -- the bluebonnets, right. And, sure, while nothing says "Christmas!" like a cardinal, if Janet Eager Krueger wanted to be real, like, Texas traditional, she'd have gone with a mockingbird.

'Bout the only head-scratcher in the lot comes from Jeb Hensarling: Dunno what Hannah Jones' ornament says about our great state, other than it looks a little like a cow patty.

Joe Barton's is kinda nice, don't you think? Very ... tasteful, restrained. So unlike Smokey Joe. Nice work there, Robert Grame. What're those -- bookmarks?

Kay Granger, we think artist J.T. Grant picked up this ornament at a Hallmark shoppe. Mean that in a nice way.

And Rep. John Carter, well, ain't no mistakin' his message. Well played, James Avery. --Robert Wilonsky

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