Front Page News: Man Says He's Selling Printing Plate From "Kennedy Slain" Edition

Observer'er Daniel Rodrigue espied this offering on Craigslist: "kennedy assassination morning news printing plate." Then, he asked, "Shouldn't this be in a museum or something?" Sure, along with most everything Heritage auctions. That's the way historic artifacts go. Still, curious, I called the owner to ask about their provenance. The man on the other end of the phone, who's in Red Oak, said he'd acquired the plate years ago from Robert Jealouse, a former Cedar Hill judge who died of congestive heart failure at the age of 80 at his home in Maryland in July 1999.

But before he became a judge, according to The Dallas Morning News's obit at the time, Jealouse was a longtime newspaper-printing man whose career dated back to the 1950s and included stints at the San Francisco Chronicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune, The Miami Herald and The Dallas News -- where, in 1959, he joined the stereotype production staff before eventually working his way up to assistant production manager and platemaking superintendent. He retired in 1981. Says the obit:

For many years, he was an active member of the Dallas Club of Printing House Craftsmen. In 1970, he was awarded the president's citation of the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen for his contribution to the industry.

"He was involved with everything going at that time pertaining to printing," said his wife, Genevieve Jealouse of Marysville.

The current owner of the printing plate says he wants $1,000 for it. He's been offered $500 and $700, but "I don't need to sell it." Yes, but do you need to buy it?

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