Funny Money

We'll have to give Steve Blow credit: We too noticed the odd full-page what-the-fuh? advertorial for the World Reserve Monetary Exchange on page 3B of today's edition of Dallas' Only Daily. Almost looked like a regular ol' story, and it probably did to some Core Readers who were without their readers this a.m. and couldn't see the teensy-tiny type branding it as an advertisement. But over at Bold Types, the Dallas Morning News columnist has to admit that, yeah, his paper's taking some dubious dough from folks peddling, well, dubious dough.

Indeed, a couple of weeks back, as Blow mentions, Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has already warned folks about "this phony discount offer." But what Steve might not know is that in late January, the Deseret Morning News ran a story about the ad running in, yup, the Deseret Morning News and proclaimed in the headline, "'Surplus' dollar bills no bargain." On February 7, the San Antonio Express-News was also forced to run its own apologia. We smell a Metro story for tomorrow...or at least a column?

On a related note, yes, we're well aware of what's in the back of the Observer, but hey, they really are "actual photos." Just not necessarily of the people in them. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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