Gail Spurlock, the State Ed Board Candidate Who Thinks Pilgrims Were Commies, Didn't Graduate from College

You know Gail Spurlock for finally revealing to the world that the Pilgrims were not only a persecuted religious minority who established a beachhead of European settlement in North America but were, more importantly, communists. It's why they died. This wouldn't have been terribly newsworthy were Spurlock not running for the local seat on the State Board of Education.

Given her unique interpretation of history, unencumbered as it is by establishment orthodoxy and, um, facts, it may not surprise you to learn that Spurlock doesn't have a college degree, a fact that's been floated in recent days by Geraldine "Tincy" Miller, Spurlock's opponent in tomorrow's Republican primary.

"My comment was if we expect a public school teacher to have a college degree, I would think a candidate for the State Board of Education should have at least a college degree," Miller told Quorum Report on Friday. "We're dealing with policy. We're dealing with curriculum. We're dealing with votes that require a higher level of knowledge and experience."

Spurlock's campaign manager Carole Haynes shot back, calling the charges "a campaign slur" being raised because Miller "literally can find 'no other dirt on Gail,'" QR reports.

Call me a tool of the establishment but You don't have a college degree, and yet are seeking a seat on a board that sets education policy for millions of kids, seems less like an act of desperation than a helpful reminder to voters that Spurlock has no business on the SBOE.

Miller had the restraint to not even mention that Spurlock home schooled her kids. And that she's batshit crazy.

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