Gary Cogill Will Put You To Sleep, Apparently

A few days back, the local Warner Bros. rep called to see if we were interested in talking to Chuck Liddell about the forthcoming big-screen adaptation of Frank Miller's 300. "Uh, is Chuck Liddell in the movie?" we asked. She said no, but that he'd seen the movie, liked it and wanted to talk about it and that Warner Bros. was sending the Ultimate Fighting champ on the road to pimp 300. Yeah, that sounded awesome. Needless to say, we passed -- and, man, are we sorry.

As evidenced by the priceless video below, the guy is interview gold. Well, that may be pushing it a little. Ask WFAA-Channel 8's film critic and morning-show chatter Gary Cogill, who had Liddell on Good Morning Texas yesterday. Kind of.

"In the middle of another question, Chuck Liddell fell asleep on the air," Gary writes here. "He closed his eyes, breathed a little sigh, and I asked him if he was OK." The video evidence is below. But our favorite bit just may be where Gary, for some reason, tells Liddell about how the Spartans used to fight nude. --Robert Wilonsky

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