This was not paid for by the Friends of Gary Griffith. But it is a nice photo.

Gary Griffith Has Friends. Allen Gwinn Probably Ain't Among 'Em.

Dallas city council member and mayoral candidate Gary Griffith has friends. Not surprising. Seems like a decent guy. Talked to him for a few pieces here and there, always called back promptly, always invited me over to the office for a chat. Problem is, Allen Gwinn writes this morning, the "Friends of Gary Griffith" -- which is to say, the "friends" who, till very recently, brought you his Web site and held fundraisers on his behalf and sent out invitations to beggin'-for-money shindigs -- ain't too, well, official, according to the Texas Election Code. And Gwinn, the man who brought you the DISD credit-card scandal, has a problem with that. And, he wonders, will anyone else? And, look, this may be a big bunch o' nothing, but it woulda gone a whole bunch smoother if Griffith or his people had just called Gwinn back when he wondered, "Hey, s'up with that?" But they didn't. So this is what you get instead. --Robert Wilonsky


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