Get On Board With The Relatives

While I finish up what's sure to be the most scintillating story you read all day about a famously failed real estate development, allow me to direct your attention to a vintage clip I discovered a few days ago on the Texas Archive of the Moving Image website. It's of particular interest to me, since I'm a new convert to the funk-n-soul stylings of gospel greats The Relatives, the West Dallas wonders who've yet to receive a word of praise in their hometown after having been celebrated time and again in Austin, have mercy.

But fret not: Their time has come. Glory hallelujah. Praise be to God and Michael Corcoran.

A couple of weeks back we looked at one of their performances resurrected on YouTube. Here is another, described thusly:

This excerpt from the KXTX program Get On Board features a performance by the gospel group The Relatives. Dallas KXTX 39 was at the time owned by the Christian Broadcasting Network, best known for The 700 Club. The station featured religious programming five hours each day and all day on Sunday.

Dig it.

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