Getting Some Ed Rest, or: How Ya Feeling, Uncle Barky?

As Uncle Barky's site has remained relatively mum since news of his "procedure" last week -- save for his Paul Newman obit on Saturday -- several Friends of Unfair Park have asked about Ed's health status. So, this brief update, as the Dean of TV Criticism isn't one for hogging the spotlight: On Thursday he had a cardiac catheterization that turned up little info -- except, good news, the trouble isn't with his heart.

More tests to come this week. Till then, he's doing so-so -- a little better, then a little worse, rinse, repeat. Insists Ed, it's been hardest on the missus, Madeline: "She's been through infinitely more than I have. And that's grossly understating it. For years, I've basically kissed off the very real medical experiences she's endured. 'Oh, honey, it'll be OK.' Afraid to feel her pain? That's part of it, but mostly I was way too self-absorbed. It conclusively proves that she's the warrior and I'm the polar opposite. Everyone knew that all along -- except me." Geez, coulda told you it wasn't a heart problem, Doc ... --Robert Wilonsky

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