Giveaway! Win a Pair of Tickets to Kevin Smith at the Granada Theater Tomorrow Night!

It wasn't Kevin Smith's proudly rude series of films-as-dick-jokes that brought him fame among the masses. It was a bad customer service experience. You remember: Southwest Airlines designated him a "passenger of size" and kicked him off an Oakland-to-Burbank flight. One assumes the Southwest staff had not seen much of Smith's oeuvre-demonstrated ability to create monstrously whiny rage over something as small-potatoes as escalator safety, and were thus unaware that pissing off a man who's made a living of offending lots of folks (and garnering the love of many for same) might result in a PR nightmare.

So if you're the lucky winner of the two tickets we're giving away to Smith's live "Smodcast" tomorrow (he's appearing with buddy Scott Mosier) at the Granada Theater, see if you can't get him to talk about his feelings per this recent update: Southwest Airlines recently ousted a standby passenger of not-size to allow a non-standby passenger of size room to sit. Or maybe he'll solve the biggest mystery of all: how he's managed to make a love of farts, splooges and tits (and all combinations thereof) into an actual career. We here at the Observer are interested. And fascinated.

E-mail me with the correct number of gentlemen who've been on the receiving end of Dante's girlfriend's oral skills in the subject line, and first one there gets the tix.

Contest's over! The correct answer was, of course, 37.

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