Glenn Beck, Guardian of Historical Truth, To Rescue David Barton's Book From Garbage Bin

In case you missed it last week, Glenn Beck invited oft-discredited historian David Barton onto his show to discuss his latest pantsing.

Christian publishing house Thomas Nelson had recently announced that it would pull his latest work, The Jefferson Lies, from the shelves after it "lost confidence in the book's details".

Glenn Beck, in case you had any doubt, has not. He launches into the interview by referring to the criticisms leveled at the book. "One of them is you don't provide enough facts, there's not enough, uh, facts here," Beck says, begging Barton to disabuse whoever would say such things of their ignorant and wrong-headed notions. He may have been saving his hard-hitting questions for later in the interview, after he'd softened Barton up, but I didn't watch long enough to find out.

We learn today that Beck isn't just going to bat for Barton on his TV show, but has also agreed to publish The Jefferson Liies through Mercury Ink.

According to Publisher's Weekly, Barton had purchased 17,000 copies of his book from Thomas Nelson and that the new version "will not include any substantive changes, but I will rephrase some things to remove any potential confusion." Also, "I have actually run across more supporting documents that strengthen my case, not weaken it," he told the magazine.

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Eric Nicholson
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