Gordo vs. Nasty? Everything's a Joke Until the Cops are Called

Got interrupted from The Ticket's Dunham & Miller this morning by tennis, and phone calls and, well, life. I missed Gordo's wireless microphone bits, which is rare for me.

I also, apparently, missed a fight. A landmark nemesis confrontation. A legit skirmish that's getting national pub.

I've met both Nasty Nestor and Gordon Keith. While Gordo can be an expert antagonist, Nester is an Grade 3 asshole.

As an unbiased journalist I could take Gordo's side without knowing any facts. Or I could listen to the audio of the scuffle here.

It starts with Gordo approaching Nester with " ... is there peace to be had?" I could say Gordo is helping The Ticket re-gain its edge, but for once he seems totally mostly innocent.

I'm sure some P1s can give us more details.

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